Introduction | What is Agni?

AGNI is a permissionless, AMM-based exchange that supercharges spot trades with concentrated liquidity within preferred price ranges for a customized trading experience, driving maximum gains at the lowest risks possible. It runs on Mantle Network, a modular Ethereum layer-2 blockchain that delivers hyperscale performance at low fees, while deriving its security from Ethereum.
A one-stop platform that also offers an easy-to-access launchpad and yield-generating features, users will not only get to know new, innovative crypto tokens, but accelerate their decentralized trading experience in safe and trusted environment. Driven by a robust community, AGNI is set to lead the charge for AMM DEXs based on its efficiency, reliability and usability — fit for all types of traders, the DEX companion that you need.
It is AGNI's vision to build an inclusive, open and community-governed DEX that brings users the best of what decentralized platforms have to offer at present, all in one place.